I reflect myself into paintings, thus giving them character and personality


The inspiration from flowers, trees, animals, and wildlife – all come from God and nourishes Liene with love, energy, and inspiration which is reflected in her paintings. The beauty, charm, and delicacy of flowers painted by Liene have a magnificent effect. Her paintings reflect the precision of nature and the importance of detail.

Creative work with flowers in Liene’s youth inspired her to decide to study at the Art Academy of Latvia. The experience and skills which were enhanced by Latvian artist Helena Heinrihsone helped Liene through entrance examinations. She is therefore now and always grateful to Helena, who helped her to start her journey of becoming a professional artist.

During her studies in the department of Restoration in Art Academy, Liene obtained valuable knowledge and wildly enriched practical skills in the technique of painting and restoration. For a few years, she had a great opportunity to visit the Latvian National Museum of Arts and duplicate masterpieces. This experience has formed her painting style and signature.

Following her studies and obtaining a master’s degree in the Humanities from the Art Academy of Latvia, characterized methods of Liene’s artwork in multi-layer painting technique, opal effect, and glazing technique. It all reflects a diversity in her paintings letting the eyes of art lovers enjoy the detail and delicacy.

Each painting requires enormous patience, precision, determination, energy, and long hours. Liene puts a lot of love, joy, humor, and positive energy into her paintings. “I reflect myself into paintings, thus giving them character and personality”. Painting encapsulates Liene’s thoughts, passion, life, work, and lifestyle.

Liene has participated in 33 group exhibitions and 6 solo exhibitions.

Solo Exhibitions

2014. Exhibition “Live in a fairy tale”, Gallery Agija Suna, Riga, Latvia

2015. Exhibition “Live in a fairy tale”, Aluksne palace, Aluksne, Latvia

2016. Exhibition “Meeting”, Ungurmuiza Manor, Latvia

2018. Exhibition “Paintings”, Art Room, Wine studio, Riga, Latvia

2019. Exhibition “Portrait”, Gallery M Art, Riga, Latvia

2020. Exhibition “Paintings”, “Italissimo”, Riga, Latvia

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