Clouds are sacred, iconic objects for me.
My obsession and love.


Pavel Hafizov is a Latvian artist whose work is about looking and finding himself, about searching for inner peace and finding his way back home to nature.

Clouds are the central theme in Pavel’s work. In his own words, “Clouds are sacred, iconic objects for me. My obsession and love. A cloud represents a mystical object that ties Earth and Sky together.”

Pavel invites us to have a walk in the clouds and to live magic moments with ourselves. His dedication to observing clouds and learning about their nature, forms, inconstancy, beauty, and diversity.

Since 2013, Pavel has practiced as a painter and works exclusively with the subject of clouds.

His works were presented at three solo exhibitions in Riga and at the 13th Venice Arte Laguna Prize in Italy, where the Latvian painter was awarded a participation prize.

His works of art can be found in several private collections in Latvia, USA, France, Switzerland, Ukraine, and Russia.

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