Paintings for your soul

Original artworks.

Welcome to my world of art! 

Here you will find artworks of art that invite you to the beauty of life and guide you in it.
I offer you paintings for your home, which highlight the interior design. and the character of your living space. Paintings that exude tranquillity and harmony in your space.
You will see abstract art and modern art paintings that will lift your emotional state and enrich your personality.
You will find inspiring and encouraging paintings for your workplace that will give you more energy and confidence in your work and yourself.

Artworks that evoke emotions.

Welcome to my gallery!

On this webpage, You will find artworks, that reflect sensual beauty, evoke subtle emotions, and dimensionality. The color tones uniquely invite you to enjoy the diversity. There are philosophical questions and also poetic echoes, that develop thoughts about the mystery of life.

Enjoy the art in your life!


Inspire yourself or delight someone with live-art-infinite paintings.

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Each of the artists is unique, with their own vision of the world and their own creation.


¨I create from my heart, and I think of my paintings as inventories of fragments of my life: nature that surrounded me, weathered objects I’ve possessed, and old buildings I’ve visited.¨


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Ilze Preisa's painting is an invitation to beauty, life, and art, bringing a new energy that has nothing to do with the matter but shines with a supernatural light.


Each painting is a courageous dialogue between myself inside and outside, reflecting on reality and how that examination of reality, reinterprets me.

This energy, that I want to share, has come from a spiral of unconscious, abstract, and expressionist forces that seduce and move the art viewer. 

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Iveta Jankovska

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Art that evokes emotions.