Colors express the unknown, the unspoken.  They get into our consciousness without asking for permission.


An eclectic and cosmopolitan artist, Yo.mariabrex is an English philologist, painter, and singer, as well as an art therapist and holistic therapist  Yo.mariabrex started painting, singing, and writing poems as a child - her way of expressing her feelings and emotions.

Colors express the unknown, the unspoken. They get into our consciousness without asking for permission. This is what she Iikes, besides the pleasure that the mere act of painting affords.  Yo.mariabrex graduated in Painting and Drawing at "Fortman's Studios" in Florence. During those years she developed a deep and unique sense of color and was bestowed with the "Best Artist" award. She worked as a photographic assistant at Sky Photographic, which cooperated with magazines, such as Meridians, Dove, AD, and Domus. In Amsterdam, she studied Painting and Drawing at "Rietveld Academie where she tried her hand at Conceptual Art and was employed by Sotheby Auction House in the Modern and Contemporary Art Department. She also collaborated with IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam) on their "Public Award". Yo.mariabrex also collaborated with the cultural radio program "La Vita é Bella" at the Circle of Fine Arts in Madrid. She is the creator and coordinator of the journal ¨Mother Earth¨, which brings together international artists committed to celebrating ¨The Female Creative Power¨,  supporting the enhancement of innate female qualities, such as sensuality, vulnerability, and the close relationship between women and Mother Earth. She has been actively committed to female issues and empowerment. Her art depicts the present, the past, and sometimes the future.

Yo.mariabrex's artistic work has always been focused on the female element and its relationship with Nature and Mother Earth, which both receive, welcome, nourish, and have the power to create, give birth, and therefore preserve the species. Yo.mariabrex highlights the inextricable connection between women and the ancestral symbology of Mother Earth, her celebrations throughout civilizations, ancient dance, and music rituals: instruments to channel energy towards Mother Earth and Cosmos. What is important to the artist are the lines and shapes which evoke the ancient representations of naked or half-naked statues of mature women or mothers with prominent sexual features or pubic triangles. These were considered by all ancient civilizations as the door to life and represented the sacred symbols of the great Goddess.

¨I always wanted to be a painter, dive into colors, swim into them, and eventually find my inner world and soul through them. Colors express the unknown, the unspoken. They get into our consciousness without asking for permission. This is what I Iike, besides the pleasure that the mere act of painting gives me, I like the image colors give of myself and the way I perceive the world. Colors are my safe island, my nerve balm, my bliss. I simply could not breathe without them. To me, art is life itself. ¨



2021 - Barcelona Mrs Toolip Art Galler

2019 - Barcelona Studio42bcn Art Gallery

2016 - 
Barcelona CC Barceloneta
Barcelona CC Barceloneta – Art Curator

2015 -
Roma Domus Talenti
Barcelona Centro Civico Barceloneta
Madrid Foro de Creadores
Madrid ENMA Recuerdo a Sicilia

2014 -
Stockholm Gallery Bellman 2014 Paris Bateau Dafne
Paris Bateau Dafne

2012 - 
Madrid Circulo Cultural de los Ejercitos – Goyart
Madrid Cafe Cultural – Solo

2011 -
Bogota’ Colectivo Femenino Art Esencia
Madrid Enclave de Libros “Diarios de la Madre Tierra” - Art Curator
Madrid "Consentito Art Club"- Solo exhibit
Treviso Hotel Moretto - Solo exhibit

2010 - 
Castellon “La Pergola” parque Ribalta
Huesca Colectivo Femenino Art Esencia
Barcelona Cultural Centre Bellvitge, Art en Femení
Barcelona Civic Centre. Sagrada familia “Mujeres Secretos y Confidencias”

2009 - 
Treviso Hotel Moretto - Solo exhibit
Montepego Galeria Fivars

2008 -
Montepego Galerias Fivars
Barcelona Axel Hotel - Solo exhibit

2007 - Barcelona Heliogabal - Solo exhibit

2004 - Barcelona Espai d’art

2000 - Breviso Liceo Manzato - Solo exhibit

1999 -
Venezia Al Vapore - Solo exhibit
Treviso Piero’s Club

1997  - 
Amsterdam Rietveld Academie
Amsterdam Cafe den Jaaren

1996 - Amsterdam Film Academy

1994 - 
Florence Tranvia Art Club 1996 Amsterdam Film Academy
Florence Fortman Studios - Best Artist Award

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