Each painting is a courageous dialogue between the inside and outside.

                  ARANTZA LICEAGA

Creating for Arantza is a very corporal, sensory, almost mystical adventure. Her path as a painter was revealed to her curiously by chance, and now, almost 30 years later, it is her destiny's purpose.

¨You put your soul into your paintings, Arantza!" the jury told her when she received her first prize for painting in 1993.

Arantza dares to go out to the squares, gardens, streets, and beaches of her hometown while traveling, figuratively, as an irrepressible impulse. She needs to capture her living realities and still live, and she also needs to be herself to offer those discoveries to the world.

Each painting is a courageous dialogue between the inside and outside.

Each canvas is always a part of Arantza's, where her gaze at reality emerges. That interrogated reality reinterprets me.

She mobilizes this energy that she wants to share as a spiral of unconscious, abstract, and expressionist forces that seduce and move the viewer.

Arantza mixes shapes, emotions, and colors with courage as an Amazon of my creative journey. Arantza paints in her studio, where sounds and senses flow explosively toward the search for harmony. Her vocation, center, essence, and existence are paintings with which she enjoys realizing herself as a being of this planet.

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