“I love the softness, transparency, and delicacy of silk."


Daria says that her first and main teacher is her father, Alexander Tikhomirov, the founder of the unique artistic style "okonopis". He was the one who taught her to express her individuality in art and in life. Daria’s father and grandfather were professional artists.
Since childhood, Daria loved silk paintings. Her father encouraged her to go to an art school to learn the technique.

Since 2010, as a member of the Creative Artists Union, she participated in local and international exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

In 2012, Daria Tikhomirova was awarded a silver medal by TCX Russia "for her contribution to the national culture" and a letter of gratitude from the Russian Academy of Arts.

In 2016, Daria passed the competitive selection and received an invitation to exhibit her painting on silk “Yin and Yang” at the Salon des Artistes Français in 2017.
On October 21, 2017, Daria‘s artwork "Yin and Yang" was sold in Paris at a prestigious auction Drouot.

Daria’s artworks are full of hidden symbols and meanings. An important element of the works is the image of hands, which carries a certain meaning, depending on gestures, lines, and their combination with other symbols.
The symbolism of the hand is based on its role as an instrument of influence on the surrounding world, a mediator in the transfer of spiritual and physical energy. The left hand is associated with spiritual strength, while the palm with spread fingers carries the idea of uniting the male and female origins, protection, sun rays, and life-giving power from Heaven.
The dominant color in her artwork is gold. Gold is the first and foremost color of victory. Gold is chosen by strong, independent, and self-confident people. Earlier in history, only kings, princes, and other nobles wore gold. Gold appears as solidified drops of sunlight. The golden color speaks of material abundance.

The artworks of Daria Tikhomirova are on permanent display at the Museum of Russian Art (Harbin, China), the Russian art gallery "Yu Bao Gan" (Heihe, China), Alexander Tikhomirov Memorial Museum (Heihe, China), Sochi Autosport Museum (Sochi, Russia), as well as in private collections in Russia, Belarus, China, Turkey, France, Spain, Canada, Chile, Luxembourg, Netherlands.

“I love the softness, transparency, and delicacy of silk. Once I have a piece of silk in my hands, I feel a collaboration with Nature a silkworm weaves a cocoon that consists of a continuous silk thread up to 1500 meters. Nature gives me this treasure and each time I work with silk I want to breathe a new life into it, let it be born again – this time taking the shape of the artwork. As a little worm turns into a beautiful butterfly, white silk becomes a painting in my hands. When I paint on silk I feel vibrations of life. I feel that my work is only a part of this long process of evolution that starts with a cocoon. That is the reason why a butterfly often appears on my paintings as a symbol of transformation – physical and mental”.

                                                                                                               Daria Tikhomirova


2023 – «EXPOSICIÓN DE FIN DE TEMPORADA» collective show. MAR Gallery. Barcelona. Spain.

2023 – «EXPOSICIÓN DE DIBUJO» collective show. MAR Gallery. Barcelona. Spain.

2023 – «ART EN PLURAL» collective show by Grup Vermell. MAR Gallery. Barcelona. Spain.

2022 – «EXPOSICIÓN DE PEQUEÑO FORMATO» collective show. MAR Gallery. Barcelona. Spain.

2022 – «EXPOSICIÓN DE INICIO DE TEMPORADA» collective show. MAR Gallery. Barcelona. Spain.

2022 – «Nature» collective show. Mrs Toolip Art Gallery. Barcelona. Spain.

2022 – «En Rose» collective show. Mrs Toolip Art Gallery. Barcelona. Spain.

2021 – Russian Drive. Autosport Museum. Sochi. Russia.

2020 – Royal Races F1. Autosport Museum. Sochi. Russia.

2019 – Salon des Artistes Indépendants. Paris. France.

2018 - Academic exhibition for May, 9. UNESCO Greece. Athens.

2017 – Drouot auction sales. Paris. France.

2017 – Salon des Artistes Français. Paris. France.

2014 – Hôtel du Barry. Solo show «La Vie en Rose». Toulouse. France.

2013 – Dialogue of Artists. Istanbul. Turkey. 2012 – Graphic Works of Old and Modern Masters. Heihe. China

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