Artists that change emotional state.

Iveta Jankovska


Art is a multicultural language to discover the life journey and expand the integrity in the space.

My perception of the art evoking new emotions and unrevealing the unseen beauty as a source of creation and inspiration. I am connecting a person who is supposed to own that authentic artwork with an artist. My mission as an art dealer is to find a match for these two parts that the art piece can live it is own continuous life and interact with people around it. Art is my passion, my life.

My selected artwork reflects sensual beauty, subtle expression of emotions, and dimensionality. The unique color tones invite you to enjoy profound diversity in art. There are philosophical questions and as well poetic touches, to unleash the thoughts of an art viewer - you. My passion and admiration for the flowers have led me to an amazing connection with artists who paint this matter. The grace, beauty, and charm flowers reflect highlight for us the beauty of sensitivity and fragility, and its importance in life. The harmony which creates flower paintings together with the other ones exhibited in the space is valuated as excellence.

Simplicity plays a role in being amazed by the power of nature, which is the inspiration source of many artists whose work I sell. Mesmerized by a moment of its uniqueness.

 Beauty. Love. Magnificence.

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